Coffer Realty’s Commercial division is powered by a dynamic team of highly experienced North Houston agents in commercial real estate transactions. 


When it comes to commercial real estate, it’s important to work with someone you trust, is experienced and meticulous. Our agents work with the utmost professionalism and integrity who are honest and have your best interests at heart. In every real estate transaction, communication is a key factor for a smooth process. We promise to communicate and be clear on a plan of action. We’ll keep you up to date and won’t leave you wondering about what’s going on.

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Any real estate property that is specifically used for business purposes is considered a commercial property. Commercial property can either be buildings or land that is used to conduct business with the goal of making a profit. This also includes residential rental properties. Commercial property is treated differently than residential property. You'll find that there are different regulations for financing, taxes, and laws on commercial real estate property.

There are five different areas of investment opportunities when it comes to commercial real estate. These include retail, office spaces, industrial, hospitality, or multifamily properties.


  1. Retail commercial spaces are your typical establishments that sell products or services. These can be your local coffee shop, a mall, or a strip center full of stores.
  2. Office spaces are further defined into classes A, B, or C. Office spaces that are higher-end or recently updated are usually more competitively priced and fall into Class A. Offices that are priced less competitively usually mean they are prime for renovation after purchase and fall into Class B. Offices that are much older and need immediate maintenance are placed into Class C.
  3. Industrial commercial real estate properties are typically used to manufacture and distribute products. These can include plants, warehouses, or factories.
  4. Hotels, motels, and some short-term rentals are included in the hospitality commercial real estate category.
  5. Residential properties that include multiple units like apartment complexes are considered multifamily commercial real estate.

Commercial properties often come with higher purchase prices, increased rental income, and longer leases. This is why the location and the accessibility of the property in consideration should be thoroughly analyzed to make the best decision for the success of your investment. At Coffer Realty Group our experienced commercial real estate agents can help give you the tools you need to weigh your options and make a confident purchasing decision.

First, you’ll want to define why you are wanting to invest. Then evaluate which commercial property type is going to best suite your commercial goals. Next, you’ll need to secure your financing, identify a potential property in your desired market, run the numbers, and finally make an offer and close the deal. At Coffer Realty Group our commercial real estate agents are specialized in making this process seamless for our clients.

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We understand selling or purchasing the right commercial property needs to be aligned with your business and investment needs. Many factors play an important role when selling or purchasing commercial real estate and can have a significant impact to your return on investment. Our experience in commercial real estate and consultative sales brings an attentive perspective to understanding and fulfilling our clients’ goals. Driven by success through integrity, we value long-standing relationships with our clients. Give us a call – your success is our success!